Monday, 22 February 2010

weird thing

Armadillos, possums and sloths spend up to 80 percent of their lives sleeping.
lucky sods.
i couldnt think of a weird thing that has happened to me, or a weird thing i have heard (apart from the 'facts' that i have been repeating from the internet) so i thought i would mention something about me that many people think is weird when i mention it: i hate surprises, and i hate presents.
i didnt think this was very weird until i talked about it with my housemates, and i sounded like a bit of a killjoy, but i really hate not knowing things. im not saying i dont like all presents, but i have to be consulted on what it is you buy me, i have to approve so i know exactly what it is, and you must neve buy me a film or book unless i know what it is or i would prefer if you bought me something i specifically requested. never buy me jewellery unless i have seen it before hand and have made an express wish to have it, and to be honest i would rather you gave me the money/voucher so i could get something i want. i have a number of books, films and jewellery that i have never used simply because they have been presents. no one is exempt from this rule, even my mother, who bought me a surprise cake for my birthday last year and i spent the better part of three hours badgering her about what was on the cake, threatening to search the house, even reverting to desperate pleas, i became really agitated when my mum wouldnt tell me about a bloody cake.
so i might look and sound like a serious grump, but the best present you could ever give me, is to let me pick and choose all preents, although vodka is always greatly appreciated!

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