Monday, 22 February 2010

cultural artifact

Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people
this has nothing to do with todays blog i just thought that as a left-handed person, this was an interesting yet terrifying fact, maybe we have accidents when we are using right-handed equipment, damn all scissors!
im using this blog to talk about something im interested in, but when it came to thinking about something, i realised how very little hobbies or interests i do have. i dont play a sport, or a musical instrument, i dont have a favourite singer or band and i realised that all the activities i ever started, i quit: horse-riding, keyboard, guitar, netball, steel drums, and the only thing i ever saw through was brownies... didnt go to girl guides though.
through all this i realised i have become a collector of something, and it is something i do feel passionate about. i love films. this may not seem like a hobby, but i have about 300 films already and that is growing. what is so great about this is that i will never run out of material to collect, since i dont see a time when people will stop making films.
im not saying i am an expert on all things film, and i certainly havent seen all the films that a person is suppossed to see, i have never seen star wars, terminator, taxi driver, armaggedon, braveheart, pulp fiction, gone with the wind, the usual suspects, life of brian, and i am yet to don the 3d glasses and watch avatar, but that is not to say i dont want to watch them (except star wars) its just that i know what i like and i buy the films i think i am most likely to enjoy. although there are some shockers in my dvd collection.
i love reading about films, looking on the internet about films, especially trailers of upcoming films, and i love spending my spare time watching my favourite films, i think my record is four in one sitting, but i can spend alot longer watching tv box sets from start to finish. this may seem a little bit singular, and a little bit sad...but its a hobby!

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  1. haha i cannot wait to tell my left handed boyfriend mwahah! x