Monday, 15 February 2010

poetry and hangovers

The average person falls asleep in seven minutes.
i find it hard to believe this considering the amounts of time i have just lain in bed and tried to sleep, but couldn't. maybe this means the average really really tired person?
i am halfway through my creative writing assignment, with just the poetry part to do, which i am not looking forward to, since i hate poetry anyway and this one is rubbish. there's an idea, read a poem and you will probably fall asleep in less than seven minutes!
after the essay i will have to pack to go home tomorrow, i hate packing, although the worst is definately unpacking. i am really looking forward to seeing my friends, however weird we all look in fancy dress. there is also a good chance that i will be drinking alot as well, and i have found that is it true that as you get older, the worst the hangover, i am only twenty but the last few nights out i have had a really fuzzy head the next morning, maybe this is a sign that i should cut down when i go out. although i have already quit smoking this year and i think one good deed to my insides is good enough for now. besides, i dont care what people say, nights out are a hell of a lot more fun when your are slightly drunk, mostly because when you are the only sober person surrounded by drunkards you have to take care of other people and you spend most of the night sat down because you feel too self-conscious too indulge in the same crazy dancing that you do when you are intoxicated.
so there is a good chance that i will not post another blog for probably 2 days, maybe more, since i will be at home till friday, and i very rarely go on the computer at home. hope you dont miss the weird "facts", they will reurn soon.

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