Wednesday, 17 March 2010

TYPEWRITER, is the longest word that can be made using the letters on only one row of the keyboard
who puts aside the time to find that out?
i finally have the internet back, so it is back to blogging and facebook, which i really didnt miss as much as i thought i would, but now that it is back im on it again 24/7. i am glad i hav ethe internet back though, and the freeview, because although they are both distractions, im not worrying about them being broken, so that is a small stress of my mind.
now all i have to worry about is uni work and finding somewhere to live next year, which if im being honest is stressing me out way more. sometimes i feel like i cant concentrate on my uni work because im so woried about where im gonna live, how much will it cost, how close is it to uni, will i actually be able to find a place in time? dont get me wrong, i am still stressing about uni as well, i have about 700 words of my short story, and i havent even thought about my poetry yet. and why does all our work have to have a commentary with it, as if we dont have enough to do, we have to write about our inspiration and idea behind our work. and i also remembered that for creative writing we have to annotate a poem from the anthology and write about someone else's piece of work. come on give me a break.
not only will i be homeless here, but my parents have put our home on the market, since they are moving to Kent. i didnt think it would bother me so much, but the idea of packing all mystuff and not sleeping in my room when i go home makes me really sad. im gonna miss all my neighbours and friends alot, but mostly im gonna miss the house, we moved there when i was four and its the only home ive ever really known. i hate the thought of someone in my room, changing things around, re-decorating everything that me and my dad put so much effort in. its the memories that make me sad, because by the end of the summer we will no longer be making any there. i am not a sentimental person, but the move has affected me alot, although i am adament that i am not gonna cry, thats just a bit too much.
as much as i hate the idea, its time for a new family to live there, i suppose it is just a house after all.

Monday, 8 March 2010

the penguin is the only bird who can swim, but not fly
this has no relevance to anything, except that i love penguins, they are really cute, and they remind me of a group of over aged pudgy men wearing tuxedos at a wedding.
i like pandas too, they have the best lifestyle, eat, sleep, mate, eat, sleep, mate. and most of the time they are too lazy to attempt that last activity, thats why they are on the verge of extinction! i dont know why i seem to like black and white animals, next week...the pros and cons of keeping a zebra in your bedroom!
i know i havent blogged for a while, but my internet has been down for a week! i am slowly tearing my hair out now that i have been forcibly separated from facebook and Iplayer. on top of this my freeview broke last week as well, so i havent been able to watch jeremy kyle in bed, and yes the tv downstairs still has freeview but...effort!
so i am writing this blog to you from the computer room in the library, and i dont wanna sound paranoid, but when you are in a computer room, do you feel as if everyone is watching what you are doing, well i guess they wont be watching my computer if they saw that, and i have found my evil glare works very well.
i am really starting to worry about finding a place to live for next year, i have tried a few things with no luck, and it is getting a bit late in the day now, if only i wasnt stupid and i would not have failed my first year at bham uni, and i would be graduating this year. although i wasnt happy there really, i wasnt close to my housemates, the course was really hard and most of the people, with the exception of my coursemates and my brilliant housemates, were, i found, not easy to get on with. it may have been a two different worlds situation. besides the people i have met here are so much nicer, and im not just saying that because the people who read this are on my course...i swear!
anywho ive rambled on enough, i dont know when i will next get to a computer, because there is no way i am comin into uni everyday just to blog, i mean its fun but, like the panda, laziness prevents me.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

royalty and my mummy

Should there be a crash, Prince Charles and Prince William never travel on the same airplane as a precaution
not very eco friendly!
i am definately not an eco warrior or anything, i recycle and take showers intsead of baths, but that is really the extent of my helpfulness. although the separate plane thing seems a bit drastic, if both charles and william were to die we would still have...harry... ok maybe it isnt very drastic! not that the monarchy holds any power anymore anyway. i dont think we should get rid of them though, the amount of money they bring in from tourism is very substantial. also, if we get rid of the monarchy that greatly decreases my chances of marrying william, becoming queen and ruling over all of you, now wouldnt this country be even better if i was in charge!
speaking of wacky families, my mother is coming to visit me this weekend. she comes to Birmingham around the same time every year, which you may find strange considering i have previously expressed my fierce independance, but i always look forward to her visit. i know she needs the break from my dad and brother and her job and the housework, and i am her only daughter and she misses me alot. we get on really well, and we always have a great time when she visits.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot tall child inside!
now if only there were hippos readily available at all supermarkets/cinemas/trains, and anywhere else that children prove to be most annoying.
at the moment i am enjoying writing my biography of Elizabeth Gaskell, but i am struggling with my short story. on top of this i am trying to find a place to live next year, which is not as easy as i thought it would be. there are a few posters around but none that would work, because they are for groups, where as i am on my lonesome, i might need to wait a bit longer to see if people drop out of groups.
all this has made me feel stressed over the past few days, especially since i do not want to go back into halls, i didnt enjoy them the first time round, and i doubt i will enjoy being a 21 year old surrounded by excitable 18 yr olds. im nervous about starting again, living with new people, trying to make new friends, i have always considered myself to be very independant, but doing this alone has made me feel like i am out of my depth slightly.

Monday, 22 February 2010

weird thing

Armadillos, possums and sloths spend up to 80 percent of their lives sleeping.
lucky sods.
i couldnt think of a weird thing that has happened to me, or a weird thing i have heard (apart from the 'facts' that i have been repeating from the internet) so i thought i would mention something about me that many people think is weird when i mention it: i hate surprises, and i hate presents.
i didnt think this was very weird until i talked about it with my housemates, and i sounded like a bit of a killjoy, but i really hate not knowing things. im not saying i dont like all presents, but i have to be consulted on what it is you buy me, i have to approve so i know exactly what it is, and you must neve buy me a film or book unless i know what it is or i would prefer if you bought me something i specifically requested. never buy me jewellery unless i have seen it before hand and have made an express wish to have it, and to be honest i would rather you gave me the money/voucher so i could get something i want. i have a number of books, films and jewellery that i have never used simply because they have been presents. no one is exempt from this rule, even my mother, who bought me a surprise cake for my birthday last year and i spent the better part of three hours badgering her about what was on the cake, threatening to search the house, even reverting to desperate pleas, i became really agitated when my mum wouldnt tell me about a bloody cake.
so i might look and sound like a serious grump, but the best present you could ever give me, is to let me pick and choose all preents, although vodka is always greatly appreciated!

cultural artifact

Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people
this has nothing to do with todays blog i just thought that as a left-handed person, this was an interesting yet terrifying fact, maybe we have accidents when we are using right-handed equipment, damn all scissors!
im using this blog to talk about something im interested in, but when it came to thinking about something, i realised how very little hobbies or interests i do have. i dont play a sport, or a musical instrument, i dont have a favourite singer or band and i realised that all the activities i ever started, i quit: horse-riding, keyboard, guitar, netball, steel drums, and the only thing i ever saw through was brownies... didnt go to girl guides though.
through all this i realised i have become a collector of something, and it is something i do feel passionate about. i love films. this may not seem like a hobby, but i have about 300 films already and that is growing. what is so great about this is that i will never run out of material to collect, since i dont see a time when people will stop making films.
im not saying i am an expert on all things film, and i certainly havent seen all the films that a person is suppossed to see, i have never seen star wars, terminator, taxi driver, armaggedon, braveheart, pulp fiction, gone with the wind, the usual suspects, life of brian, and i am yet to don the 3d glasses and watch avatar, but that is not to say i dont want to watch them (except star wars) its just that i know what i like and i buy the films i think i am most likely to enjoy. although there are some shockers in my dvd collection.
i love reading about films, looking on the internet about films, especially trailers of upcoming films, and i love spending my spare time watching my favourite films, i think my record is four in one sitting, but i can spend alot longer watching tv box sets from start to finish. this may seem a little bit singular, and a little bit sad...but its a hobby!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.
this is what i am going to rant about, smoking, but i am not annoyed at the people that do smoke or anything like that, i am ranting about how much i love it but cant smoke because it is fucking bad for me! i gave up smoking on new year's, and the last month and a half has been fucking rubbish. i dont care if its bad for me, i dont care if it makes my clothes smell. my teeth and nails go yellow and yeah I KNOW IT KILLS YOU BLAH BLAH BLAH, i just want a cigarette so bad i sometimes feel like i am gonna spontaneously combust! and yeah i know i could have a cigarette and get over it, but then this whole process will have been for nothing. i wish i lived in the fifties when they had no idea smoking was bad for you, and people who dont smoke have no idea how hard it is, they just tell you to throw them away, buy the patches etc, but it pisses me off when they give you advice and they have no idea how fucking addictive it is!!

odds of winning the lottery: 1 in 13,983,816 or approximately 1 in 14 million.
i am sickeningly jealous of the couple that won £56 million in the lottery this week! if i had that much money i think i would go crazy and buy a zoo or something, and i would probably buy something really useful, a good investment... like Hugh Jackman. im not saying i would put him in a zoo!! i would also buy a huge castle with a huge library and loads of rooms, and holiday homes on every continent.