Wednesday, 17 March 2010

TYPEWRITER, is the longest word that can be made using the letters on only one row of the keyboard
who puts aside the time to find that out?
i finally have the internet back, so it is back to blogging and facebook, which i really didnt miss as much as i thought i would, but now that it is back im on it again 24/7. i am glad i hav ethe internet back though, and the freeview, because although they are both distractions, im not worrying about them being broken, so that is a small stress of my mind.
now all i have to worry about is uni work and finding somewhere to live next year, which if im being honest is stressing me out way more. sometimes i feel like i cant concentrate on my uni work because im so woried about where im gonna live, how much will it cost, how close is it to uni, will i actually be able to find a place in time? dont get me wrong, i am still stressing about uni as well, i have about 700 words of my short story, and i havent even thought about my poetry yet. and why does all our work have to have a commentary with it, as if we dont have enough to do, we have to write about our inspiration and idea behind our work. and i also remembered that for creative writing we have to annotate a poem from the anthology and write about someone else's piece of work. come on give me a break.
not only will i be homeless here, but my parents have put our home on the market, since they are moving to Kent. i didnt think it would bother me so much, but the idea of packing all mystuff and not sleeping in my room when i go home makes me really sad. im gonna miss all my neighbours and friends alot, but mostly im gonna miss the house, we moved there when i was four and its the only home ive ever really known. i hate the thought of someone in my room, changing things around, re-decorating everything that me and my dad put so much effort in. its the memories that make me sad, because by the end of the summer we will no longer be making any there. i am not a sentimental person, but the move has affected me alot, although i am adament that i am not gonna cry, thats just a bit too much.
as much as i hate the idea, its time for a new family to live there, i suppose it is just a house after all.

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