Monday, 8 March 2010

the penguin is the only bird who can swim, but not fly
this has no relevance to anything, except that i love penguins, they are really cute, and they remind me of a group of over aged pudgy men wearing tuxedos at a wedding.
i like pandas too, they have the best lifestyle, eat, sleep, mate, eat, sleep, mate. and most of the time they are too lazy to attempt that last activity, thats why they are on the verge of extinction! i dont know why i seem to like black and white animals, next week...the pros and cons of keeping a zebra in your bedroom!
i know i havent blogged for a while, but my internet has been down for a week! i am slowly tearing my hair out now that i have been forcibly separated from facebook and Iplayer. on top of this my freeview broke last week as well, so i havent been able to watch jeremy kyle in bed, and yes the tv downstairs still has freeview but...effort!
so i am writing this blog to you from the computer room in the library, and i dont wanna sound paranoid, but when you are in a computer room, do you feel as if everyone is watching what you are doing, well i guess they wont be watching my computer if they saw that, and i have found my evil glare works very well.
i am really starting to worry about finding a place to live for next year, i have tried a few things with no luck, and it is getting a bit late in the day now, if only i wasnt stupid and i would not have failed my first year at bham uni, and i would be graduating this year. although i wasnt happy there really, i wasnt close to my housemates, the course was really hard and most of the people, with the exception of my coursemates and my brilliant housemates, were, i found, not easy to get on with. it may have been a two different worlds situation. besides the people i have met here are so much nicer, and im not just saying that because the people who read this are on my course...i swear!
anywho ive rambled on enough, i dont know when i will next get to a computer, because there is no way i am comin into uni everyday just to blog, i mean its fun but, like the panda, laziness prevents me.

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