Friday, 12 February 2010

slutty school girl vs slutty soldier

The average person laughs 13 times a day!
i suppose that really depends on who you are talking to, and as i have seen all of one person today i am approximately 12 laughs down. maybe this applies to people who actually do things on their days off, instead i decide to be semi-productive and continue writing in my journal for creative writing.
just before i fell asleep last night i had an idea about my short story, and i am very happy that i remembered it when i woke up, because so far my story has been coming along as quickly as a slug who has had a depressing day so he cant be bothered to crawl as quickly as usual.
i have to get us much of my journal done as possible today considering i now only have till wednesday for my other assignment, when we all thought we had till the 25th. and i have also decided to hand it in on tuesday so i can make it to my friends 21st in Southampton tuesday night. it is fancy dress, so what do we think, slutty school girl or slutty soldier?

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