Sunday, 14 February 2010

The first man to send a Valentine note was a Frenchman. Charles, Duke of Orleans, was imprisoned in the Tower of London after the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. He remained there for 25 years and wrote 60 love poems addressed to his wife, which are claimed as the first formal "valentines". One even refers to her as "Ma tres doulce Valentinée".
if there was ever a good reason to send your significant other a valentine card, this is it. and 60 letters over 25 years. that is dedication!! i doubt many men these days can be bothered to send their partners more then one text a day, more when they are drunk maybe.

i have never been interested in Valentine's day, probably because i always find i am single at this time of year, but i did always think that if i did have someone at this time of the year, i wouldnt be bothered either. not because i am that lazy, just because the cynic in me sees this day as a bit of a card/flower/chocolate company conspiracy, exploiting peoples emotions for each other in order to make a huge profit after people have tried to save in January. why does there have to be a set day for people to make gestures of affection to the one they love.

on top of this, i feel like love is over-rated, as a society we rely on it too much, i have known quite a few people who have hung on to a relationship which is not good for them, because they love them still, thinking that this one emotion will sort out their problems.

ok, rant over, mainly because i know i sound like a twisted bitter spinster (can you be classed as a spinster at 20?) so as i sit here eating cadbury's dairy milk and watching Friends, i would like to those celebrating valentines with their partners to enjoy their day...and night... but remember that febuary 14 is not the only day that you should assess and appreciate what you have, celebrate it everyday for as long as it lasts. xx

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